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B-Lock™ is a trademark of Stemco Rome Steel.

Why Choose New Brake Shoes?

Safety, financial and environmental factors to consider when deciding on new vs. re-lined brake shoes:

  • Considerable business liability inherent to brake shoes in the heavy-duty market
  • In a recent safety campaign, brake problems represented 45% of all “out of service” citations

  • Cost of maintaining a “core bank” (including inventory shrinkage caused by bad or missing cores)
  • Core handling and connected costs, including vehicle wear and fuel costs with core pick-up
  • Environmental concerns and exposure to dirt and contaminants while handling and storing materials
  • Shoe preparation costs before re-lining, including washing, bead-blasting and coating
  • Overall re-lining shoe costs
  • Compounded brake shoe wear after multiple re-linings

These costs can add an additional 25% to the cost of a re-lined shoe, while a new shoe can add as much as 25% longer life to linings and drums.